Episode 1 – Elements of Enduring Companies

Photo by guille4545guille
Photo by guille4545guille

In 1972, Don Valentine founded venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, and in that role was one of the original investors of Apple Computer, Atari, LSI Logic, Oracle Corporation, Cisco, Electronic Arts, Google, YouTube, Zappos and many other companies.

Sequoia’s success is indeed remarkable but is based on core principles that any company; technology based or otherwise can learn from.

This podcast series will investigate each of the 10 elements in detail. Although, Sequoia applies these principles to startup companies, they provide a nice framework for existing small and medium businesses to grow and prosper.

In this first episode we will begin our journey.

What is an element?


  • A fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity.
  • The basic assumptions or principles of a subject.

There are lots of business opportunities from understanding customers pain points. However, many businesses have created products that don’t address a real pain and are frequently much less successful.